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In this section, I would particularly like to highlight my personal concept of working synergy. In my opinion the concept of Working Synergy is the bringing together and exchanging of different minds, of different skills and work experiences, the ability to relate to others, to apply the right enthusiasm to every path you want undertake. I am convinced that the result and the mutual exchange of these skills will result in extraordinary growth.




Meteora Spa, Grottoes, Pools, Waterfalls


Prestigious private residence in Monte Carlo

Principality of Monaco France

a Meteora centre was created within this prestigious villa in Monte Carlo, it includes the following features: the Meteora Crystal Salt Grotto, the Meteora Steam Grotto, an indoor swimming pool with several falls and springs, a Meteora Bio-sauna, an area for beauty treatments and MySaun. A concealed Panic Room was also built into the rock. On the outside of the main large terrace a gap in the rock wall was created: here a glass elevator travels to a lower floor, overlooking the bay, reaches the Meteora pool and waterfalls, and then continues downwards to the inside of the garage.

Grand Hotel La Tonnara 4 stars

Amantea, Cosenza

This Meteora centre was built over an area of 400m2. Inside there is a large Meteora pool with big waterfalls, Crystals for body massages, Hydro/Aero-massage, Meteora aromatherapeutic Bio-Grotto, Meteora Chromotherapeutic Crystals Grotto, the Meteora Salt Grotto, Chromotherapeutic Tropical showers, Bio-sauna, Kneipp baths, a Tropical Room with Crystals and springs, the body treatment area with the Meteora MySaun and equipped with the modern technology for the treatment of guests.

A giant Meteora grotto, supported by huge monoliths (dolmen), was built on the deck of the outdoor swimming pool; it has several waterfalls of various heights. This spectacular setting was made as a panoramic background for the guests of honour’s table (newlyweds, singers, various artists etc. ...).

Tyrrenian Park Hotel 4 stars

Amantea, Cosenza

The Meteora Centre lies over an area of 400m2 in a large grotto called the Meteora Gran Cenote. The Grotto is inspired by Mayan temples (Mexico) inside which you will find: the Meteora Crystal Salt Grotto, the Meteora Massage grotto, the Meteora Tropical Room, the Kneipp baths, the Meteora latest generation solar shower, the Aroma-therapeutic Tropical Shower, the Relaxation Anti-Stress room to be fully immersed in colours, sounds and images, a Bio-Sauna and swimming pool with aeromassage, a Jacuzzi and a large waterfall for shoulders and body massage. An area has also been dedicated to beauty and slimming treatments, all using the latest technology.



Golf Club and International Caldese Equestrian Centre

Città di Castello, Perugia - OLD XVI CENTURY VILLAGE

The Meteora Centre of Energy and Well-being: the Centre, with a surface area of 700m2, was entirely built inside a large Grotto in a XVI Century village. There is a pool with waterfalls, a Jacuzzi pool, a Crystal Salt BioGrotta, chrome-therapeutic infrared grottos, Kneipp baths, Relaxation Zone, Sauna, aromatherapeutic massage emotional grotto, cold mist, tropical shower, study and implementation of wellness treatments, electronically controlled, MySaun body treatments for detoxifying and slimming...


Sant’Agnese Clinic

Muralto, Switzerland

The Meteora Spa: inside the clinic Saint Agnes you will find a swimming pool with a variable bottom, a Meteora BioGrotta above the ozone pool with waterfalls, crystal heated benches, tropical showers, sauna, a cold mist relaxation area, an area for rehabilitation massages and beauty...


Hotel Garden Park 4 stars

Prato allo Stelvio, Bolzano

The Meteora Centre was built over an area of 800m2; there are a swimming pool with waterfalls, Jacuzzi, a Meteora BioGrotta with crystals and rock salt, tropical showers, sauna, Kneipp baths, a relaxation area, MySaun with body detoxifying and slimming treatments...

Hotel Promenade 4 stars


Spa with Meteora BioGrotta with crystals and waterfalls.


Hotel Le Palme 4 stars

Milano Marittima, Rimini

Spa with Meteora  Kneipp bath with waterfalls.


Hotel Antico Bagno 3 stars

Pozza di Fassa, Trento

The Spa in this mountain hotel has been created with the Meteora Thermal Grotto, internal thermal waterfalls, and waterfalls for cervical problems, the Meteora internal heated springs for hydroponic treatment, a relaxation area, sauna and body treatments.


Grand Hotel Leonardo da Vinci Golf & Terme 4 stars

Albano Terme, Padua

The Meteora Centre has been built over an area of 350m2 where you will find a Meteora BioGrotta with waterfalls, a Steam Grotto, wall waterfalls in the pool, Kneipp bath, a relaxation area in a large aquarium and themed area that is 8 metres long and 2.5 meters high with internal springs, tropical showers, sauna, cold mist, massage, infrared treatments; study and implementation of internal wellness treatments electronically monitored.

Grand Hotel Palace 5 stars - Terme Portorose

Portorose, Slovenia

The Spa of the Hotel Palace in Portorose offers 750 m2 of Meteora environments with waterfalls and aquariums on the large central swimming pool and a large Meteora grotto connecting, via a large waterfall and an elliptical staircase, to the thermal pool with a relaxation area on the floor above.


Panoramic Hotel Plaza 4 stars

Albano Terme, Padua

Hotel and Spa Centre offer a wellness centre with chromo therapeutic crystal Thermal Grotto, tropical showers and cold mist, waterfalls, relaxation area ....


Hotel Valdisole 3 stars

Mezzana Marilleva, Trento

The Meteora Energy and Wellness Centre in this mountain hotel has been built over an area of 650 m2. You will find a pool with waterfalls, aeromassage pool , BioGrotta Meteora with waterfalls, Kneipp baths, aromatic tropical showers, polar showers, Tropical Room, Sauna, Relaxation area; a studio with wellness treatments, beauty area, MySaun, slimming and beauty treatments...



Hotel Antares 4 stars

Selva Valgardena, Trento.

Waterfalls in Swimming Pool

Hotel La Perla 4 stars

Canazei, Trento

Hotel and Spa, Creation of Whirlpool with Waterfalls and Springs, scenic design settings.


Hotel Belvedere

Fai della Paganella, Trento

Grotto in Swimming Pool with internal chromatic effects and Waterfalls.


Centro Wellness Argentario

Porto Ercole, Grosseto

Spa with waterfalls flowing into Hydromassage and Aeromassage pool.


Terme Felsinee


Spa and Health Centre, therapeutic spring water that flows directly from the Meteora themed rock in a natural rocky setting for hydroponic treatment.


Bibione Thermae

Bilione, Venezia

Spa Institute, Steam Grotto for spa treatments.


Hotel Bivio 4 stars

Livigno, Sondrio

Waterfalls created in the pre-existing swimming pool.


Hotel e Beauty Farm Garni Peter 3 stars

Colfosco, Bolzano

Steam Grotto


Hotel Bucaneve 3 stars

Livigno, Sondrio

Hotel and Spa Centre, Scenic waterfall in existing swimming pool.


Hotel Terme Formentin 3 stars

Albano Terme, Padova

Hotel and Spa

Transformation of a corner of an existing pool into a Grotto with Waterfalls.

Palace Hotel Meggiorato 4 stars

Albano Terme, Padua

Hotel Spa and Health Centre, chromotherapeutic thermal Grotto, Relaxation area.

Hotel Plunhof 4 stars

Racines, Vipiteno

Spa Centre, swimming pool with waterfalls, relaxation area, cold mist, tropical shower, sauna.


Hotel Clara 3 stars

Varna, Bolzano

Hotel and Spa Centre, whirlpool bath with scenic design setting.


Hotel Alpe

Canazei, Trento

Scenic rocky setting grotto for children with slide and light effects.


Hotel Terme Roma 4 stars

Albano Terme, Padova

Hotel and Spa Centre, Chromo therapeutic Thermal Grotto with Tropical Waterfall and heated benches.


Hotel Patrizia 3 stars

Moena, Trento

Meteora BioGrotta Steam



Hotel Terme Revè 4 stars

Albano Terme, Padova

BioGrotta Spa with Thermal Waterfalls.


Hotel Continental 4 stars

Albano Terme, Padua

Meteora Spa Grotto.


La Spiaggetta Sports Centre


Sports swimming pool with waterfalls.


Hotel Excelsior 3 star

Albano Terme, Padova

Wellness Area with BioGrotta Spa.


Centro Meteora Sabaudia -Roma

Sabaudia, Rome

Meteora Centre with BioGrotta for treatments.


Hotel Villa al mare 3 stars

Ischia, Naples

Waterfalls on spa Swimming Pool, Landscape Scenery.



Design and construction of settings for Parks and Public Places, Theme Parks:

Fiabilandia Theme Park


Pool with waterfalls and toilets with changing rooms concealed in the rock.


L’Azzurra Water Park

Scandiano, Reggio Emilia

Pool with Waterfalls with Turbine Aero massage built in the rocks.


Stella Gastsaettenbetriebs Disco

Krefeld, Germania

Scenery with Waterfalls and Springs.


Pin Up Disco Club


Themed premises in rock and monoliths with Waterfalls.


Disco Pub Stonehenge


Scenery for premises with Scenic design Grottoes and Stalactites.


Pub Victoria Station


Pub with Waterfalls.


Parco divertimenti Rioblu

Bibione, Venice

Twelve hole-Adventure Minigolf with 12 created using modular modular components in Meteora rock  and large monolith with waterfall as attraction.

Le Pianacce Campsite

Castagneto Carducci, Livorno

Medieval-themed children's pool with water features and lighting scenarios.


Discoteca Ristorante pub Quinto Elemento

Albano Terme, Padova

Scenic design decorations for the garden with Waterfalls, Grottos and fountains on an artificial lake.


Pub Quartiere Latino

Savignano sul Panaro, Modena

Creation of oasis with waterfall and palm trees at local entrance.


L’Azzurra Water Park

Scandiano, Reggio Emilia

Creation of a rocky waterfall oasis with indoor children’s swimming pool .


Disco River


Swimming Pool with quartz beach and setting with waterfalls and palm trees.


Disco Baia delle Stelle


Setting with waterfalls, obelisks, and scenery.


Disco Apocalypse


Indoor setting


Disco MiùMiù

Marotta di Mondolfo, Pesaro Urbino

Waterfalls with pool for dancers, main entrance.


Club Privè Bizarre


Swimming pool with waterfall and setting with palm trees.


Agriturismo B&B Le Mingarine

Mongardino, Bologna

Wine cellar for wine tasting (Setting).


Lupicchio Public Theme Park

Castel Maggiore, Bologna

Themed sculptures, obelisks, fountains, theme benches.

Main trade fairs, shows and exhibitions:


Phytos, Tradeshow Bologna


Waterfall with lake.


Phytos Sales Point


Rocky attraction centre piece built in the exhibition area with Grotto, Waterfall and Lake.


Castelli, Trade Show Bologna


Waterfall with lake.


Film Set Jet Event, Festival of eroticism Erotica


Reconstruction of a natural oasis with lake and waterfalls for shows.


SiB Trade Show, Ente Fiera


Monolith Attraction at the entrance of the trade fair centre.


Fuji, Motorshow Exhibition


Waterfall attraction.


Timberland, Clothing Trade Fair Pitti Uomo spring- summer


Themed scenery with waterfalls and stream.


Ente Fiera, Saiedue Fair Exhibition-Project Trendplus


Monolith within a waterfall setting located at the entrance of the exhibition as the main attraction.


Allure Target, Cosmetics and perfume Trade Fair Cosmoprof


Furnishing of VIP lounge with rock walls, springs and floral decor.

Samoter, Exhibition of earthmoving equipment


Thematic scenic design for the setting of a truck.


Timberland, Clothing Trade Fair Pitti Uomo autumn-winter


Thematic scenic design with waterfalls and stream.


Timberland, Fitness trade fair California


Rocky scenic design with a fitness and sport theme.


Timberland, ISPO trade fair

Munich, Germania

Creation of a rocky scenic design with waterfalls.


Timberland, GDS trade fair

Dussendorf, Germania

Creation of themed scenic design with waterfalls and brook.


Phytos, Cersaie trade fair, Porgetto TopStar exhibition


Reproduction accomplished by using Meteora materials for a Japanese garden with springs and waterfalls.

Park Show Trade Fair


Rocky setting for theme park with monoliths, waterfalls and minigolf courses.


Theatrical Set Canale 5 RTI Mediaset


Reproduction of a World War 1 trench for the set of a TV film.


Mondonatura Camping and Tourism Trade Fair


Reconstruction of a themed setting with rocky centre pieces, monoliths and green decor.


Motorshow Car Trade Fair


Reconstruction of a GranCanyon with large monoliths as an attraction for the carmaker with an Opel Frontera automobile positioned on the large monoliths.

Rapresentative s.r.l.


Rocky scenic design made on a beach for a fashion shoot.



Projects for private clients:


Sig. Vicinelli


Natural oasis created in a private park with Waterfalls.


Sig. Manganaro


Rocky setting with a spring made in an attic.


Sig. Vergani


Grotto and Waterfalls created in the existing Swimming Pool.


Sig. Mulone


Rocky fountain built in a private garden.


Dott. Scuto


Swimming pool with waterfalls and green decor in a garden.


Sig. Doveri


Concrete Classical Swimming Pool and green decor in a garden.


Sig. Persello

Artegna, Udine

Construction of a Waterfall with a green setting at poolside.


Sig. Kiril Domoustchiev

Sofia, Bulgaria

Indoor spa and Swimming Pool with indoor and outdoor Waterfalls, scenic rocky setting


Sig. Danieli


Indoor SPA and Covered Swimming pool with colour changing waterfalls.


Sig. Marinov

Sofia, Bulgaria

Indoor SPA indoor with internal and external swimming pool connected via waterfalls and cascades.


Kerofiamma, Sig. Calzolari

Boara Polesine, Rovigo

Cascades and garage transformation with rocky setting.


Sig. Maestrelli


Swimming pool with waterfall and themed setting.


Sig. Corradini


Natural, freeform swimming pool with waterfalls, springs and landing place. Rocky scenic design setting with waterfall at the front of the house.


Sig. Branchesi


Swimming pool with external beach and heated waterfalls at an angle with hydro and aeromassage.


Sig. Pedrelli


Indoor Spa, Grotto with Swimming pool and relaxation area.


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